Built in 1934, Xin Zhong was originally known as Sin Hwa High School, a Chinese junior and senior high school. However, in 1966 Sin Hwa was closed down by our government.


In the year 2000, a group of alumni, who had maintained close relationships from their shared time at Sin Hwa High School, came together to create the Sarana Hubungan Harmonis Sejahtera / Sin Hwa High School Foundation or SHHS. Their vision is an educational institution that develops national leaders by providing high quality education and passing along solid Chinese values to the next generation. SHHS Foundation was developed to bring their shared dream into reality. In the same year the alumni also opened Chinese language courses in Surabaya Plaza followed shortly after by the opening of another branch in Widya Kartika University building in Sutorejo.

In 2004, SHHS Foundation opened Xin Zhong Playgroup and Kindergarten. In 2005, Xin Zhong Primary was opened for the community of Surabaya as a national plus school with competence-based curriculum enriched with international curriculum to equip its students with skills in three-languages; Chinese, English, and Indonesian.

 Xin Zhong School Central Park Mulyosari

Xin Zhong School Pakuwon City

In 2011, Xin Zhong Secondary was launched offering Cambridge curriculum for English, Math, and Science. The school provides quality Chinese curriculum for Social Studies and Chinese language. To keep students in line with national standards, Xin Zhong Secondary School equips its students with Indonesian curriculum.